Can I fill up any growler I have?

– SixFour Growlers will fill up any growler style and/or size.  If you don’t have the following Government Warning on your growler.  We have stickers with the Government Warning for you to put on your growler.  Growlers can be glass, plastic, ceramic or stainless steel.

Govt Warning

How long does a Growler last?

– A growler fill can last about two days after opening.  Unopened and stored in a cold, dark spot a growler can last up to two weeks.  But in reality you’d want to drink a growler with in 24 hours.  The longer it’s in touch with Oxygen, the flatter the beer becomes.  A 64oz growler is great to share.  While a 32oz is perfect for a solo mission

Can I sample a beer before I fill my growler?

– You sure can.  You can enjoy a pint while you make your growler fill decision or you can get a taster flight to help you out with your decision.

Why wouldn’t I get bottles or cans from a grocery or liquor store?

-What’s better than beer straight from the keg.  Sixfour supports local breweries and we try to have beers that you can’t find in bottles or cans.  That’s not saying we never have beer you can get packaged.